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TV, Film & Multi Media formats

GF Creative Music is designed to supply the film, TV and multi-media industry with original music.
• Underscoring, post scores, theme songs, voiceovers & situation music to fit your deadlines.
•We can supervise from our library of music for you to license. 
•We have our own in-house composers, singers, arrangers and musicians.
• We compose music for jingles to fully orchestrated feature films.

Call or e-mail us and we will be happy to discuss your project and ideas with you in length.
Our rates are competitive and negotiable to fit your budgeted needs.

We dare you to get our creative juices flowing!

For Radio & TV jingle information, go to Radio & TV Jingle page.


Discovery Kids Broadcast - Brazil, UK & Mexico TV 2016

Shalom In The Home, Schwartz Family - Canada TV 2016 & 2017

Learning Broadcast - Brazil TV 2014 - 2016

Outdoor Network Channel Broadcast - UK TV 2013

OWN Network (TV show 2012 - 13) In The Bedroom with Dr. Laura
OWN TV Oprahs Favorite After The Oscars Moment 2013

JASRAC - Japan TV 2013 - 2017

Local NPR TV - 2013

Outdoor Channel (Cable TV 2012) Jimmy Big Time - 2 episodes)
Variety of Radio Commercial Spots (2009-current) (NY Times, Banital, Fathead...many more)
Harpo Productions (Oprah Winfrey TV show 2007) original music cues
The Weather Channel - (TV programming 1999-2016) smooth jazz music placement
NBC Saturday Today (TV show 2006) music placement
NBC Sunday Today (TV show 2006) music placement
VH1 My Coolest Years (TV episode 2006) music placement
Asia Down Under (TV episode 2005-09) music placement
Footy Show League (TV episode 2005) music placement
Gardening Australia (TV episode 2005-09)music placement
Bread Aust (TV episode 2005) music placement 
Hot Shot (short film 2004) music placement
Pray Another Day (film 2003) finalist at the Moondance Film Festival for original score
The System (student film 2003) original score
The Cracked Circle (musical drama theater) original score/conductor
Just A Chance (film) original score
Control (industrial film) original score 
Guardian Warriors (Military TV pilot) original score
Monti Rock III TV Talk Show - arranger/artist
These are the Children - (Kids in Crisis) - composer/arranger 
Heart Rate Fitness Video - original score/artist 
Video Magic Production Theme - composer, artist

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