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Radio Specials

Even though Gary has been interviewed many times on the radio as a musician/composer, since 2006, Gary is the radio host, curator and programmer for,, and He created 4 Solo Piano channels, Best of the 60's channel, Oldies, 70's Hits, a Sinatra Style Channel, American Songbook channel, Modern and Swing Big Band channels, Contemporary Christian channel, the Beatles tribute channel (no longer on the air), 2 Piano Jazz channels, Mellow Jazz Piano channel and Love Smooth Jazz channel. He also does all the programming for 16 Smooth Jazz channels on & During those years, he programmed several specials including interviews with artists and musical documentaries, some of which can still be heard. This page is a podcast of some specials that can be heard on-demand. 

Celebration of Elvis's Birthday featured on 60's Hits Channel pt. 1Elvis
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Celebration of Elvis's Birthday featured on 60's Hits pt 2Elvis
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Mardi Gras Special Podcast

Every year Gary airs this Mardi Gras special on This is a great collection of Mardi Gras music interweaved with the history and 'sussies' by actress-VO artist Gloria Arias. 

Remembering Doris Day - A Tribute

This radio show aired on's Sinatra Style Channel shortly after we lost a beautiful and talented lady, Doris Day. Now you can enjoy hearing the show on demand.

Keiko Matsui Special Radio Interview

Keiko Matsui was celebrating her 25th anniversary in the music business, having recorded several albums, mostly in the smooth jazz category. In 2013, she performed live at Jazziz Nightclub in Boca Raton, FL. Gary caught up with her and did a live interview.  Interesting questions and answers can be heard in this special, along with music from her CD, Soul Quest.

The Rat Pack Special

The Rat Pack, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. were the biggest hit in Vegas and around the world in the 60's and beyond. This 2+ hour special features live performances, interviews, hilarious outtakes and some great music and fun. This special airs on's Sinatra Style channel every year. 

The Fab Four Radio Interview & Music

If you're a Beatles fan, you will love this interview of one of the best, if not THE best Beatles tribute bands around. I had the pleasure of hearing them live and invited them to my house and studio for this radio interview. They were quite entertaining, fun and great to get to know. The Fab Four. 

Suzanne Ciani Interview & Music

In celebration of the 1st anniversary of the Solo Piano channel in 2008, I had pianist/composer Suzanne Ciani on the air. A lovely and talented lady who has had quite a successful career through the years. This was a delightful in depth interview. 

Best of the 60's Remembers Lesley Gore (1946-2015)

This radio special is a tribute to singer Lesley Gore that aired in 2015 on the 'Best of the 60's" channel after her passing. You can hear interviews and all of her many hits. Many people don't realize that Quincy Jones discovered and produced her first hit, It's My Party.

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Best of the 60's Remembers Lesley Gore - Host Gary Farr
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Mardi Gras Special Pt. 1Host Gary Farr & Gloria Arias
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Mardi Gras Special Pt. 2Host Gary Farr & Gloria Arias
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Remembering Doris Day - A Tribute
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Keiko Matsui Feature 2013 - host Gary Farr
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The Rat Pack Special Part 1 - Host Gary Farr
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The Rat Pack Special Part 2 - Host Gary Farr
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The Fab Four Interview & Music - Host Gary Farr
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Suzanne Ciani Interview - Host Gary Farr
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