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From the age of 3, Gary was still in diapers playing a little spinet piano that was meant for his older sister who had severed her finger while playing with an axe. Her finger was reattached and the doctor suggested a piano would be good therapy to keep the finger moving and alive. And it worked! Then baby brother showed up a few years later, took over the piano and never looked back. He studied private classical lessons as a child and continued into his college years majoring in music. One of his professors, Eugene Bosart from the University of Michigan spent his winters teaching at Barry College in Miami and greatly influenced Gary’s classical knowledge and piano technique. During Gary’s third year in college, he was exposed to jazz pianist Herbie Hancock’s LP Maiden Voyage. Gary connected to the sounds of jazz harmonies and freedom of improvisation, and changed his direction. The world of jazz was now part of his life forever. Nearly 50 years later, Gary had the opportunity to meet Herbie in Los Angeles and express how his Blue Note LP changed his life. Herbie was very gracious.

Gary Farr ~ Pianist, composer, producer, arranger and founder of Secret Formula Records and GF Creative Music. In 1999 he recorded and released his first two CD's on SFR label. The Gentle Awakening, a new age CD and Lost, the first jazz CD that put him on the map as a recording artist. Gary and his jazz quintet debuted the LOST CD at Sunfest in Palm Beach Florida on May 1, 1999. The original jazz band started recording "Deep as the Night" in 1995. One of Gary's latest projects as producer and musician is Ron Fattorusso's successful smooth jazz CD "Up All Night" released in 2004 and "Spirit" released in 2012. 'Fresh Brew' was released in November 2004 and Movin' Thru LA was released in April 2007. Gary released a solo piano romantic CD in Feb. 2009 titled Romance, Piano & Love. 
His latest releases are a compilation with Ron Fattorusso of sexy love songs titled 'Sexy Sensuous Sounds', Solo piano works 'Romance Piano & Love', 'Suite Sleep' and the 2 CD set 'Farrago'. In June 2015, he produced and released a new solo pianist, Anastasia. 
Gary is creator and host of the Solo Piano Channels for and He also programs the all of the Smooth Jazz Channels for & along with the Piano Jazz, Mellow Piano Jazz and big band channels. He created Best of The 60's, American Songbook on and Sinatra Style channel on
For more info on Gary's film scoring and TV music, click here, Composers Corner.


"As a pianist I have been inspired by many jazz greats. To name a few; Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and Thelonious Monk. As a composer, I have been influenced by jazz, classical, pop and film composers from Bach to the Beatles, from John Coltrane to John Williams. Music has been in my blood as far back as I remember. I enjoy writing different styles of music whether I'm playing the music myself or writing for other musicians. With today's computers and technology a composer's boundaries are endless. Writing and producing music continues to be exciting and challenging." - Gary

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