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In these trying times, Gary was reflecting on his childhood years when things were simple, easy, loving, neighborly, and family oriented; when there were no computers, cell phones, social media, cable TV, video games and no political violence.


Gary grew up in a loving family of four with his mother, older brother and sister where they shared a one-bedroom apartment in Miami, Florida. There was no air conditioning, just open windows letting in a soft breeze off Biscayne Bay and a rotating rubber-bladed fan to keep them cool at night. The only sounds outside were the coconut palm trees swaying, birds singing and children playing. He played seasonal ball outside with his friends, practiced on an old spinet piano and a small Hammond organ. A special treat was a 15¢ hamburger and 5¢ Birch Beer at Royal Castle, a bike ride away.


Some weekends, the family would pack up the car and drive 20 miles up US-1 to Hollywood Beach to visit his Italian Grandparents, who had retired on the intercoastal waterway. The family spent the day at the beach, only a few blocks away or fishing off the back patio. Pasta Sunday always followed with a homemade fresh Italian feast, a card game of Canasta and a huge bowl of Neapolitan ice cream. Since then, his Grandparents and parents passed away years ago and his sister recently passed in 2019.

The full album released date was January 8th 2021. From the album was the 2nd single release, the Chicago classic Colour My World featuring singer Matthew Creamer. The 18 track album ranges from Contemporary jazz to Chill including a special re-mix of a 1970 home reel-to-reel 2 track recording, Gloria, written in 1970 for his high school sweetheart who he dated for a few years, then they parted ways. 40 years later, they reconnected and are together today. A month after his release, February 16, Gary suffered a brain seizure and was diagnosed with a Grade 4 tumor (GBM). Doctors gave him weeks to months to live. In March of 2021, the tumor was 99% removed, leaving a small margin of cancer. He has been battling with several different treatments, supplements and staying positive with his spiritual beliefs. Maybe this album was in the back of his head to get it done before something like this happened. Gloria has been his angel on earth, care giving and supporting him. Everything happens for a reason, (Updated January 2022)

The photo is Gary sitting in the back seat of his Mom's car circa 1960's.

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