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New Age


Pianist and composer Gary Farr has released his 13th CD, Suite Sleep. After losing many nights of restless sleep, Gary was looking for music that could calm his mind and allow him to get a deep restful sleep. The music he found wasn’t working for him. He came across an article by Galina Mindlin, MD, PhD of the Brain Music Therapy Center. Dr. Mindlin has made a study on how different music can help with relaxing, sleeping, changing moods, waking, eating and staying awake. This CD is designed to help one relax and fall asleep. Each track as a slightly different BPM (beats per minute) from 50 to 90 BPM, to relax the brain and lull you to sleep. Each person might relate to different tempos, matching to their own brain waves. 

Suite Sleep
Waves of love
Gentle Awakening
To be free
Golf album
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